We don’t focus on seasonal trends.

We focus on products that are clearly designed,

made of quality animal-friendly materials

and ethically handcrafted. 



Clearly designed.

MINUSPLUS offers a core selection of

thoughtfully designed essential pieces.

Bearing minimal details and using a neutral color palette which matches most everything will get you through every day with style.

minusplus, vegan leather, minimalist, handbags


Made of quality

animal-friendly materials.

We use Microfiber leather; the result of a technologically advanced manufacturing technique that involves combining Microfiber and PU to create a durable leather alternative. Microfiber is 30% less impactful on the environment compared to animal leathers in water usage, eutrophication and global warming. In addition to being more friendly to the environment, Microfiber has other remarkable features that animal leather lacks, such as:

+  Lightweight

+  Water resistant

+  Scratch Resistant

+  Aging Resistant

+  Breathable

+  High stability

+  Anti-bacteria

+  Anti-odour

+  Cost-efficient

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Ethically produced.

Each MINUSPLUS piece is ethically handmade by Zuhtu Yilmaz and his team in his atelier in Istanbul.

He is a skilled artisan who has over 25 years of experience and mastery in bag making.


For each design, first we are working on

pattern making and prototyping. Then we are manufacturing in small batches with zero waste policy.